Little Biography


Chris McAndrews, born 1985 on the US Terrace Housing Area Langen - Neurott, West Germany is the son of the American Lt. Colonel Carl James McAndrews - US Marines (†) and the Russian Katharina Alexejwna Romanova (†).

1987 adopted under the name Rueger and relocation to a German nursing family to Buedingen

1987 - 2000 Growing up in Buedingen / Oberhessen

Gelnhausen / Main Kinzig county

Years of experience as a musician: percussion, keyboard / clavier, acoustics and e - guitare. Bandleader / Singer - Songwriter, Producer

Freelancers in the IT Area // Computer - Administration - Consulting and installation

2002 With the payment of the life insurance of the deceased father he lived in Ascona - Italian Switzerland


4 years soldier with experience abroad


in while of serve the army, Sirrow foundes  "Original Sirrow"


3-year apprenticeship as a chef with a recognized degree of the IHK in Germany


1 Year back to Switzerland and work as a chef in Gstaad

Highschool Diploma of the Work- Business School Gelnhausen

Even as a limousine driver / courier / security services

and now... a Freelancer: IT Area, Air Security Services and other things =P